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When god created man, he provided fresh air for him to breath; fresh, natural foods. So, that his body could thrive. He gave him a body that could cleanse itself.

Man created the pollutants in the air. He discovered cooking and destroyed the valuable food elements in raw foods. They begun to refine, process and preserve food with chemicals. He called it ‘progress’, of which he, himself, has become the worst victim.

Yes, the human body is truly remarkable. It has survived all the abuse we have subjected it to. It has such efficient system of digestion and elimination, that we hardly give a thought to it. In fact, almost everything we do, goes against it. We never really give much thought to the effects that modern urban living has on our body.

The effects of pollutants, drugs, food preservatives, food additives, artificial sweeteners, colorants, essences and hydrogenators are an assault on the human body. these, along with the processing and refining of foods, not only deprive us of the essential nutrients, but also overload the body with toxins and metabolic wastes.

Your Attitude To Your Diet

Whenever we think of the word ‘diet’, we associate it with a programme for losing weight. We come up with a list of foods that we can eat and those that are taboo. The latter always appears far more tempting. Finally, it boils down to a tussle between you and your will power. That is not the way it should be.

Eating for health and beauty does not mean that you must deny yourself food and suffer pangs of hunger. It also does not mean strict adherence to a diet that you do not enjoy. Rather, it is a question of developing a positive attitude towards readjusting your eating pattern and bringing about changes, choosing foods for the right reasons.

When you begin to believe that the foods you choose will take you towards vitality and good looks. You will find yourself adopting them as a part of your daily diet, happily and willingly. Actually, most of us continue to eat the foods we have been brought up on, and those that are in keeping with our social pattern.

When you bring about the required changes, you will experience the rewards in a short time; in terms of a clearer skin, lustrous hair, shedding of undesirable weight, improved energy level a positive mental state. You will actually begin to enjoy those foods and even adopt them on a long-term basis, to last you a lifetime.

Bringing About Changes

        Any changes that are introduced into the eating pattern should be gradual, giving your body and your taste buds the time to adjust. Move from foods that clog up the system to those that detoxify and cleanse it.

Your daily diet should also supply the body with the required quantities of the essential food elements. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bioflavonoids not only ensure good health and efficient functioning of the body’s systems, but also have therapeutic values.

Look beyond the measurement of calories at some nutritional facts. Perhaps, it will help you to view vitamins as something more than a supplement prescribed by your doctor!

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Natural Foods:-
Take A Look At Your Diet

        Most diets, specially among the affluent urban class, consist of too many refined and concentrated foods, like sugar and flour.

An average diet also contains too many acid forming foods. This upsets the natural acid alkaline balance of the blood and cause an accumulation of toxic wastes.

We also kill our foods by over cooking and deep frying. We consume excessive salt, rich spices and cooking fats. Overcooking destroys valuable vitamins and minerals.

Some vitamins are so sensitive that cooking immediately destroys more than half their value.

A Case For Natural Foods  

        Considering the inadequacy of the daily diet and the extensive research in nutrition, we have a strong case in favor of ‘natural foods’. It is not as if this is a new theory. The ancient sages of India placed a high value on the benefits of raw natural foods.

In fact, the detoxification of the body through raw foods and fresh fruit and vegetable juices was considered to be the first step in the cure of a disease. The expensive ‘health farms’ of Europe are now upholding these nutritional facts.

For instance, papaya and pineapple contain valuable enzymes, which help to protect the digestive system and discourage the retention of wastes.

The pith of citrus fruits contain bioflavonoids, which are easily destroyed by cooking. They are extremely essential to the immune system and protect the body from disease, degeneration and premature ageing.

What are Natural Foods     

When we talk of natural foods, we include those that can be eaten raw, those that are naturally derived and those that are unrefined and unprocessed.

Values Of Natural Foods
  • They help to detoxify the system by promoting the elimination of wastes;
  • And bring about a sense of well being and vitality;
  • It ensure that the body receives the necessary food elements;
  • Also, need to be chewed, thus improving salivation, proper digestion and absorption of nutrients;
  • Similarly, help to achieve the desired acid-alkaline and sodium-potassium balances in the body.

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Daily Diet:-

The foods that should form part of the daily diet

        Each section should be represented in the diet.

Whole Grain Cerealsnatural

Wheat, whole-wheat bread (brown bread), Unprocessed rice, Millets, Oats, Unrefined Sooji, Dalia (broken wheat).

Milk Products

Skimmed milk, Yoghurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese (paneer).


Eat raw and also unpeeled wherever possible.


Eat raw as far as possible, in salads and raita. Also, green leafy vegetables should be include along with others. So, vegetables should be lightly cooked.

Sprouted Grainsnatural

Chick peas, kalachana, wheat, moong.


Soya beans, dals, beans. Nuts and Dried Fruits (unsalted).



Pumpkin, Sesame , Cucumber, Sunflower (these can be ground together and added to food)


Fruit and vegetables juices (freshly extracted), lassi, herbal drinks.

Reduce Salt

Enough salt can obtain from natural foods. The body’s daily requirement of salt is not more than 200mg. We actually consume excessive quantities of salt, which encourages the retention of toxins and wastes in the system.


Adding salt to your food at the table. Avoid foods that have a high salt content, like canned meat and fish, processed cheese, pickles, potato wafers and fried savouries.

Chemical Additives

        If your diet contains processed and canned foods, you are taking in chemical preservative, artificial colorings and essences, chemical emulsifiers and stabilizers. There is an increasing evidence that these could be contributing to many health problems, including food allergies.

Avoid Caffeine

Coffee, tea, cola drinks and cocoa contain caffeine. Caffeine is an artificial stimulant, which has an effect on the central nervous system. It increase heartbeat rate, destroys natural alkalinity in the blood and found to increase toxic residue in the system.

It can lead to premature degeneration and ageing, apart from skin ageing, hair loss, chronic fatigue, brittle nails. Replace caffeine containing drinks with fresh fruit and vegetable juices, nimbu pani, jeera pani, lassi and herbal drinks.


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